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Name:  Jessica

Location:  New Jersey, duh!
Birthday:  16 April, 1975
Bio:  I am a Jersey least I am now. I wasn't born and raised here in South Jersey...but somehow I ended up here. I was born in Florida while my father was in the military. My parents moved around a bit and also gave me a sister and a brother. I am the oldest of three. I feel like I'm their mother sometimes because I was left alone with them most of the time during my teenage years. We all have kids now, my sister with one daughter and my brother and his wife with one daughter and one son. I, have two beautiful children...their pictures are on here, too. I was married (nearly ten years ago now) and divorced nearly 4 years ago. My ex-husband was in the Navy before we met and after we met, he went back in. After 2 years of Navy-marriage life, he decided to get out AGAIN. This is when we moved BACK to South Jersey (our families are both here) I was not thrilled with this idea, since I had planned to be a military wife like my mother had been and get to live in all different places. Things did not go well in my marriage after that (among other things) and we soon found ourselves separated. Enter, Don. Don and I met because we worked for the same owner of 2 different companies. He drove a truck for the construction end of the business, and I was the secretary...translation: "Jane of All Trades" to the General Manager of the sand and stone side of the business. I have since been promoted to "Credit Manager" and "Jane-of-All-Trades". I perform MANY duties. (he he, I wrote "duties" ) But, I make a good paycheck and I have some health benefits and a 401K plan...hey, not bad for a girl who only graduated from high school and taught herself how to use a computer! I had big plans while I was in high school, wanted to be a lawyer until I realized how much school was involved in THAT. No thanks. I met idiot after idiot and 'fell in love' with idiot after idiot. I have been engaged more than once. Married, so far only once. Divorced only once (and never again!) I did not have my first child until I was 26, yet I have been pregnant a total of 4 times (remember, I only have 2 kids). I (let?) a couple of those idiots get me pregnant, too. I was pregnant my senior year of high school, would have had to drop out if I had decided to keep the baby. These are my ghosts, I live with them every day. No one can judge me harsher than I judge myself (or harsher than my MOTHER judges me). I decided to have children ONLY when I knew that I could provide for them (and their father would stick around long enough to see them graduate high school). Don and I will be married this mother wonders what took us so long, but we needed to be in a place where we were ready to be married and know that we'd never divorce. He's been divorced, too. His marriage didn't last nearly as long as mine did, although he knew his ex-wife a LOT longer than I knew my ex-husband before he married HER. His ex-wife was a gambling junkie. We live near Atlantic City and damn, if she didn't seem to blow her money every week, which left no money for their bills....but, funny, how SHE was the one who wanted the divorce. I guess she thought 'truck driver' wasn't good enough for the man SHE married...go figure, HE FINANCED HER GAMBLING HABIT, THAT TRUCK DRIVER, HE DID! So, here we are. South Jersey, two kids...about to get married AGAIN. My life.
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